Commercial Insurance

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Commercial insurance is vital protection for your business. Between vehicles, property, and employees, you already know to expect the unexpected. Coming prepared lessens the long-term impact of unpleasant surprises that might otherwise affect the future growth of your business. Here are some of the primary commercial insurance needs you’ll want to consider:

Commercial Auto Insurance

A vehicle that is used within the context of business has to have its own policy. A personal car insurance policy is not enough—it won’t cover items that relate to business. If your business uses vehicles to perform routine or even occasional operations, a commercial auto policy is a must.

Commercial General Liability Insurance (CGL)

Bodily injury, property damage, personal injury, and advertising injury are covered with a CGL policy. This is a convenient catch-all policy that many businesses use as a starting point for their insurance needs, in terms of liability.

Commercial Property Insurance

Think of a commercial property insurance policy as the commercial equivalent to a home policy. You’ll find the coverage is similar: fire, theft, and natural disasters that affect the business property. If your business has a physical location, you need a property insurance policy.

Workers Compensation

When workers get hurt on the job, they rely on workers compensation for lost income and medical expenses. This coverage is commonly required by employers, and it often extends to temporary employees as well.

Business Owner Package (BOP)

Small business owners can take care of many needs in a BOP policy. It often includes vehicle, property damage, business income, property, and bodily injury, as well as other types of basic insurance needs.

So, what coverage do you need?

That depends on your business and your individual circumstances—let’s start with a 1:1 consultation. We’ll talk about your goals, identify any gaps in existing coverage, and see how you can save money by utilizing specialized carriers for each facet of your planning. Call 702-558-7566, email, or fill out the contact form for a quick response directly from Daniel.