Coaching and Marketing

Are you an agent? Are you new to captive or independent agency and want to make your office more effective, more organized, and/or more automated?

KMH Consulting could be a great fit for you!

Our team has spent the last 12 years honing and refining the insurance sales cycle. We have made the mistakes that you are about to make, we have spent hours of research finding the best tools and resources for our team to leverage to be the best, and we have a road map that can be replicated.

Daniel and his team are available to help you implement these same tried and true strategies in your agency and take you to the next level. Our road map includes things like sales funnels, marketing automation, dialers, notation, policy management, and sales training.

Utilizing our tools and guidelines for success has been the driving force behind our team’s success and how we have been able to produce over $6MM in premium in just 3 years with low overhead, payroll, and virtually no office space!

Daniel recognizes the way of the future for agents is virtual. Sure you still need an office, but much of what we do is virtual and as technology becomes more and more adopted by insureds the agent will need less of a brick and mortar office and more of a quick and simple process to get people in and out of buying decisions quickly without all the hassle.

We have designed a virtual, replicable, sales process that ensures multi-lining and cross-selling through a needs-based buying process. It allows your agents to find a client’s needs quickly, structure a conversation based on the clients buying style and preferences and CLOSE MORE SALES!

You do not have to be a transactional agency, you can be advisors but also make it easy to purchase quickly. THE BEST OF BOTH WORLDS!

Contact us today to set up a free consultation to see if our strategies might fit your needs!