It is possible that someone has requested a declarations page from you before, and you might have had no idea what they needed! I know before I started my career in insurance, I would have had absolutely no clue what that phrase meant, so you would not be alone.

A declarations page (often shortened to “dec page”) is the main portion of your policy and the one on which all coverages and insured information are listed.

The main parts of a dec page are:

  • Policy number
  • Name and address of the insured/policyholder
  • Who and what is covered
  • Insurance company contact information
  • Type(s) of coverage included on the policy
  • Limits and deductibles
  • Endorsements
  • Policy effective and expiration dates
  • Discounts and/or surcharges
  • Cost of coverage (called “premium”)
  • Any additional named insureds (mortgagees, leasing companies, banks, etc.)

Most of the time, the word “page” is a misnomer, as a dec page can span several pages of your policy.

If you have any questions about your own dec page, please reach out to our agency and we can help you navigate its murky waters!

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