Food Friday – Remembering 9/11/2001

No matter what your political views, every American feels a little extra love for our country on September 11. Nineteen years later, it is humbling to remember the people who rushed headlong into danger to try to save whomever they could. As a little way to honor our fallen heroes, today’s recipe is a patriotic … Read more

Moratoriums, when insurance companies say no and why it might leave you saying “OH NO!!”

We all know that California and states along the west coast and around different areas of the US make the news with their raging forest fires. We see video of people displaced from homes, aftermath of burn earth and debris, and raging fires that seem to never end. During catastrophic events like earthquakes, fires, hurricanes, … Read more

Garage Insurance – What Do You Need to Know?

Daniel Hull

Auto dealers, repair shops, body shops, and more all need Garage Insurance to cover their businesses, but what does it really cover? In today’s post, we will go into detail on what exactly Garage Liability Coverage and Garagekeepers Coverage are and why you need them to be successful in your automotive business. Garage Liability Insurance … Read more