My family and I like to have off-the-wall discussions, and this particular topic was one I thought could be a fun blog post for you guys. What if Jurassic Park was real? How would their insurance react to the events of the movie? What types of claims would be filed? Would any of them be covered?

First off, the insurance premiums for this type of amusement park would be outrageous, perhaps prohibitively so. However, if they truly “spared no expense,” as John Hammond says throughout the film, this probably includes the insurance.

The obvious claims to be filed for this incident would be workers compensation claims for the employees injured and killed throughout the movie, property damage for all the buildings destroyed, vehicle physical damage, general liability for the injuries to the guests, and some type of crime coverage for the actions of Dennis Nedry.

So let’s look at the individual claim possibilities here. Workers’ compensation coverage would, if written for the proper classification, cover death and injury to employees while performing work duties. For example, the game warden who is hunting down the escaped velociraptors and is killed – his family would receive workers compensation payments for his death, including funeral costs and probably mental anguish due to his loss.

The lawyer, however, would not be considered an employee of the park, so his death would not be covered under workers’ compensation. His death would fall under general liability and injuries to a guest of the park (including an independent contractor such as the lawyer). Dr. Sattler’s ankle injury and subsequent medical bills would also be covered under this line of business.

The property damage in the movie can be a bit of a gray area, as most of the damage was caused by the park’s “residents,” meaning that it would not necessarily be covered. Granted, this is hypothetical and science fiction, so there might be provisions within the policy to account for “damage by a dinosaur” that we haven’t accounted for here.

Lastly, Dennis Nedry’s actions would fall under employee theft and crime coverage. He not only steals intellectual property but also causes basically the entire subsequent actions of the movie by taking down the security systems. If he had not died, he would be in a lot of trouble!

This may be a silly thought experiment, but it is something to think about when it comes to your own (real) businesses and how potential incidences might affect you and your insurance coverage.

Let us know if you have questions or if you want to see any other movies analyzed this way!

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