With so many advertisements for Geico, State Farm, Farmers, and other insurance companies out there, why would you ever choose someone who is not associated with one big company? In the case of independent insurance agencies, this is actually a huge plus!

For those agents associated with a specific company, they only have the option of quoting your insurance with that particular company. This is why they are called “captive” agencies; they are stuck with only one option. If you want to shop your policy, you must reach out to multiple other people and start a whole new relationship with the new agency and agent.

Independent agents like KMH Insurance Group, on the other hand, can do that for you. Since we are not limited to just one company, we can shop your policy for you to find you the best coverage and rates over a range of different insurance companies. This way, you can always get the best policy for you or your business! We can be there for you through all changes and you do not have to worry about getting to know a new insurance agent year after year.

If you have any further questions about independent versus captive agencies, feel free to reach out to us!

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