Why You Might Be Considering Firing Your Agent and What’s Happening Behind Closed Doors!

For decades Insurance Agents were synonymous with good financial planning. Your parents’ parents told them who to see for life insurance, auto insurance, home insurance, health insurance, or any other insurance product you can drum up for purposes of this article insert it where it fits. It was like a never-ending flow of people and … Read more

Why You Need To Be Selfish When Planning Insurance

So this topic has been on my mind a lot lately as I continue to get people through the door cutting corners on their insurance program and for me its just a very frustrating thing to see as an agent but even more so as a consumer of insurance myself. When people cut corners in … Read more

How Insurance Works and Why You Don’t Matter

So I think the most common thing I field as an agent is frustration from clients. Partially because of just common misconceptions, traditional view points that no longer apply to insurance, and sometimes just blatant ignorance about insurance in general. Anytime someone does not know about something they purchase and there are changes or fluctuations … Read more